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      Provide one-stop modular solution for LNG Industry

      We provide the overall development schemes for onshore oil/gas projects based on our modular solutions, and submit some modules to provide efficient and top-quality management services for works and projects.

      Provide integrated design service for construction and modification of offshore drilling/workover facilities

      Provide clients with all-around offshore oil and gas engineering services

      Provide various consultation and design services related to mainstream floating systems, undersea and subsea pipeline systems in the field of deepwater technology.


      Shanghai Richtech Engineering Co., Ltd.

      Shanghai RICHTECH Engineering Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 832547; “RICHTECH” for short) is an international engineering service company featured by diversified business models and engaged in clean energy and marine economy at the middle and upper streams of energy industry and a pioneer in strategic emerging industries of China.

      Founded in 2003

      RICHTECH, founded in Houston in 2003, the USA, based in Shanghai, China, has branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Qingdao and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in counties and regions including the USA, Singapore, Burma and Hongkong. In the past decade, the Company, by virtue of reliable engineering capacity and rich experiences in engineering projects, has provided global energy firms, oil and gas operators and engineering companies at home and abroad with engineering consultation, engineering design, project management, procurement management, EPCM and modular EPC services in the fields of oil and gas as well as marine engineering. The business of the Company covers China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, West Africa, Australia, Gulf of Mexico, Russia, etc.

      Value Proposition

      Responsibility Communication Forging ahead


      Technology makes wealth while
      wealth boosts technology


      Realize customer value and achieve employee dreams
      Business Scope


      We provide comprehensive technical consultation services for the development of oil/gas fields, LNG engineering and marine engineering, including prelimin

      Business Scope


      We provide basic and detailed design services for operators of surface engineering of oil/gas fields development and LNG engineering or general contractors and relevant module.

      Business Scope


      Engineering Procurement with international procurement expertise, market knowledge and a global supply chain network, the professional international engineering procurement team can provide the best value-added services for the client's project investment.

      Business Scope


      With its rich experiences in engineering design covering all industry chains and international engineering design

      1 / 4
      Company Qualification

      Enterprise Honor

      In addition to its fruitful achievements in terms of technical accumulation, performance and experiences, RICHTECH receives considerable honors and awards in the last decade. It obtains rewards and affirmation from owners and customers, media and national scientific research institutes for its outstanding project execution, scientific innovation, leading talents and operation.

      Richtech News

      Provide complete engineering solutions for China's marine industry and global oil and gas customers

      Anti epidemic special issue | anti epidemic situation, send warmth - love courier to home

      Bayan MOPU upper module was capped successfully

      Modular design and module delivery

      "Benefit" for the moment and "policy" for the galloping horse -- the event of Qingdao world coffee exchange

      Richtech culture - enhance sports and strengthen team tacit understanding

      Richtech assisted "gasification Pearl River" to complete the first ship filling

      Current situation and future development trend of energy in China

      Richtech attended the policy publicity and implementation meeting of Shanghai industrial software high quality development action plan

      The equipment of SOLAR TURBINES project delivered perfectly

      Dolphin Launched for Telecommuting, Ensuring Project Progress

      RICHTECH Tianjin Participates in Tianjin TEDA National Marathon 2019

      Team Building Activity in the First Quarter of 2019 —— Fuyang

      Team Building Activity in the Third Quarter of 2018 ——Yangcheng Lake

      RICHTECH Engages in Another cooperation with SOLAR TURBINES for Module EPC Business

      RICHTECH Was Invited to LNG Session 2017 and Delivered a Technical Speech on “FSRU”


      Richtech Partner

      Provide complete engineering solutions for China's marine industry and global oil and gas customers

      Contact us(Monday-Friday,9:00 - 20:00)



      Address:Room 704-706, Building L4, Building 439, 1588, Zhuguang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

      上海利策科技股份有限公司    滬ICP備12015523號-3 ? 2016 RICHTECH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

      滬公網安備 31011802003079號

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